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Viable Lumber will be supplying wood for the Florida Woodturning Symposium February 5 – 7,  2016. We’ll see you in Lake Yale, Florida! It is open to the public on Saturday to view the main gallery of turned artwork. Call or email Pete if you would like to preorder custom sizes or any special order. 

Please see the Upcoming Events page for more information!

We’re not your typical tree huggers…

Viable Lumber is a tree recovery and recycling cooperative on a mission. In our 21st century vision, urban timber is harvested for multi-purpose woodworking–from custom cabinetry and furniture making to sculpting and woodturning.

Currently, trees that are no longer viable are used in two ways–for mulch and fuel. Why recover urban timber? Every year, over 200 million cubic yards of urban tree debris is generated in the United States. Recovering just 15% would fulfill nearly a third of our country’s lumber needs – without cutting down viable trees. In addition, the cost for municipalities to remove and dispose of trees felled because of weather, natural mortality, construction activities and other reasons has become prohibitive. The rising rates for disposal –labor, transportation, landfill fees – creates an enormous burden on local government. Recovering urban timber and converting it to usable lumber turns a tree from a liability into an asset and allows usable wood to be repurposed in a variety of ways. Viable Lumber makes it possible to recycle some of this valuable wood and offers everyone in the process tangible benefits such as:

Property Owners – Downed trees are removed and reused cost efficiently and safely. Also, our network of artisans can provide you with an heirloom piece to keep your cherished tree alive in your memory. You can view or download a color brochure here.

Arborists and Tree Removal Services – Save money by reducing dump fees. Save time and equipment wear by making one cut instead of many.

Woodworkers, Artists and Green Builders – Provide quality and variety to your clients in an environmentally friendly way.

Municipalities – Reduce your waste stream and participate in developing a valuable resource by recycling wood. Protect your citizens with only licensed and bonded arborists.

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